I’m An Okie From Muskogee!

Muskogee, Oklahoma

Mr. Terence D. Walker, a 21 year-old black man, was unjustifiably and brutally executed on Saturday, 17 January, 2015, by white police officer Chancey McMillin in this small, eastern Oklahoma town.

The entire incident was documented by Officer McMillin’s body camerapursuant to the deepest desires of our president (Obama) and his Attorney General (Holder).  Both Obama and Holder are convinced, along with their closest advisor in these matters, His Excellency, Most Right Reverend, Al Sharpton, that the most important aspect of the annual toll of 8,000 black deaths in America is the cruel and unwarranted homicides of innocent black men at the hands of white police officers who kill blacks solely because these white, supremacist, privileged, racist policemen hate Negroes.

To the great credit of these three contrarian leaders (Obama, Holder, Sharpton), they believe this despite ample evidence, truth, and logic that does not support their opinion.  However, to justify their emotional conclusions beyond reasonable doubt, the president recently launched a campaign to spend $263 million in order to equip 50,000 additional white police officers, most of whom operate in black neighborhoods, with body cameras.

Truly, there are none as heroic as those who will spend public funds in the quest to rationalize their grossly misguided thinking.

The payoff has come sooner than expected in the town that once was the object of affection for singer / songwriter Merle Haggard.  If Sharpton is as consistent with his principles and as effective with his protests as he was in Ferguson, Missouri, then there won’t be much left of this sleepy, little, Oklahoma backwater after the pillaging and looting next week.

Hallelujah and Amen!


Thanks to the video from Officer McMillin’s point of view, there is ample justification now for Sharpton’s oft-expressed concerns.

Officer McMillin was one of several policemen dispatched to the Old AgencyBaptist Church on a report of a man disrupting pending marital services, carrying a gun, and issuing threats.  The threats included those directed at his ex-girlfriend (who was attending this wedding) such as “I have a bullet with your name on it.”.

So insensitive is the Muskogee police department, largely composed of white men (all of whom have distant relatives who were members of the Ku Klux Klan), that neither the dispatcher nor Officer McMillin understood that such gun rituals and death threats are common expressions of love and affection from the congregation during the liturgy of most black marriage ceremonies.

First, therefore, Officer McMillin, and his fellow officers, should not have answered this call.  Obviously, no lives were at risk; no public welfare was at stake; and, clearly, a pussy white person called this in just to harass Negroes.  This was all, in fact, “normal” black behavior.

It is just as “normal” as 40 shootings per summer weekend among black perpetrators and their black victims in Chicago and just as “normal” as non-police blacks killing each other at the abovementioned rate of 8,000 per year in America.  In short, these are the cases about which we avoid talking, much less about which we avoid doing anything. We prefer to focus instead on the white policeman killing black man cases, of which there may be no unjustifiable incidents.


Nevertheless, this white policeman, and his brothers, stupidly responded and quickly identified Walker as the alleged perpetrator described in the complaint.  As shown in the video, Officer McMillin approached Walker and asked that he, and his nearby associate, remove their hands from their pockets.

This alone was a clear violation of the soon-to-be-ratified constitutional right of descendants of former slaves in America to have their hands in their pockets at any time, as specified in the proposed “Reparations Amendment”.  This amendment was adamantly promoted by the Reverend Martin Luther King, while he hypocritically expressed his hope that his children would not be judged by the color of their skin, but instead solely by the content of their character.

Further, Officer McMillin made another crucial mistake at this point. Under the ‘Eric Garner Doctrine’ regarding white policemen ganging up on innocent black men, the policemen should have immediately called for the required back up of the local Black Sensitivity Training Squad and (just to be fair and balanced) the Left White Justice Patrol.  Both are easily reached by calling the NAACP, SCLC, or National Urban League and asking for the Tawana Brawley Central Office of Black Victimization.

Second, unfortunately, Officer McMillin failed to take the time to make Walker aware of his pending constitutional rights and to call for the required social support back up.  This failure alone would lead, of course, inevitably to Walker’s unjustified death at the hands of this police officer, who clearly believes, at this point in the video, in his white supremacy and privilege.


Instead, again as shown in the video, Officer McMillin rudely and roughly asked Walker to turn around and place his hands behind his back.  At this point, Walker, well within his rights, went into full “stiffen up” Eric Garner mode, responding to Officer McMillin’s question, “Do you have anything that will stick, stab, poke or hurt me?” with the perfectly legal black lie “No!” and “Why you shakin’ for?” with the well-known, innocent, black man response “Because! . . . .”.

Within two seconds, Officer McMillin feels the handgun Walker is carrying.  In turn, Walker feels Officer McMillin feel the weapon and does what any innocent black man would do under the circumstances.  He bolts.

A short foot chase ensues, during which the handgun Walker was carrying falls out of his clothing onto the asphalt street.  In plain view now, Officer McMillin recognizes the object on the ground as a weapon; and he sees Walker bend to pick it up.

Clearly, at this juncture, the “Michael Brown Doctrine” regarding impending bodily harm is invoked.  However, instead of waiting for Sharpton to appear in order to excuse Walker’s lie about the wedding handgun, to explain Walker’s fear, to justify Walker’s flight to avoid arrest, and to approve Walker’s rearming himself after dropping his weapon, Officer McMillin immediately and ruthlessly proceeds to fire his weapon five times, striking Walker three times.  This caused the death of this unfortunate, innocent, beautiful, black boy, whom everyone knows meant no harm with his (later discovered) fully loaded firearm, prevarication, and attempted innocent retrieval of his personal property that fell from his clothes while he was fleeing the police.

Third, consequently, while the failure of the Sharpton to appear in a timely manner to defuse this incident may be deemed a contributing cause in the death of Walker, this can be rectified by placing Al in charge of the Grand Jury commissioned to investigate this incident with the object of charging Officer McMillin with crimes for which the minimum punishment is death by simultaneous drawing, quartering, burning at the stake, firing squad, and electrocution.

Further, Oklahoma law requires burying while alive anyone who survives these punishments especially after being convicted of the kind of black oppression this video documents.

In the presence of this video, there can be little doubt about the virtue of Walker, now just another victim of white, racist, police, homicidal rage.  Also, in the presence of this video, there can be little speculation about either the unjustified racism or the barbaric brutality of Officer McMillin.

Officer McMillin has expressed no remorse for his participation in the extra-judicial assassination of Walker.  Instead, while shedding false tears, he wondered “Why did he (Walker) have to do that?”  One cannot be more callous than that.

Somebody ought to be ‘lynched’ in Muskogee, Oklahoma; there is no question about that.  We can only hope that our hero, Sharpton, will show up to witness these proceedings and to comment upon them.


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