The One Thing Government Should Provide

Barack Obama’s policies and governing style have been soundly rejected after last night’s elections.  Even Salon admits to a “shellacking”.  At the same time, Salon makes its standard dire (and stupid) predictions about what Republicans will now do to end the American utopia, as their editorial board envisions it.

Thom Tillis speaking to Collectivists

Such electoral turnovers are the easily predicted consequence when a president is chosen predicated upon his skin color and not upon the content of his character.  Thus, race is once again proven no indicator of leadership ability, intellectual capacity, or administrative competence.  Further, we now know that a resume of neighborhood organizing, teaching, and legislating at the State and federal level hardly qualifies one for the highest executive position in the land.

On the other hand, to the extent Salon’s predictions imply that Republican control of Congress is no panacea for what ails our country, they are correct.  Republicans and Democrats have both promoted sufficient numbers of self-serving and idiotic politicians to national office during the past eighty years to install a huge system by which many votes can, and are, purchased from the beneficiaries of the national dole.

Our national government now disburses all it collects, and two-thirds of all it spends, on those who claim to be unfortunate.  Few who go to Washington DC seem either courageous enough or smart enough to recognize this.


However, Thom Tillis, who took a seat away from incumbent Kay Hagan (no Democrat has been reelected to a congressional senate seat from North Carolina in 60 years), said this in his victory speech:

“. . . America is made great when we let Americans [not government] make America great, . . . ”  

“. . .  we [must] stop accepting this idea that people want to be provided for by government.  The problem with that is that the only way government can provide you with something is by taking it away from somebody else.”  

“There’s only one thing government can give you that doesn’t come at the expense of anyone else, and that’s Freedom.” 


I wonder how many others Senator Tillis will find in Washington DC who agree with these sentiments?  If there are enough, then there may be hope for America yet.


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