Salon – “. . . just for the fun of it . . . .”

 Picture courtesy of London Daily Mail.  Victim on left.  His girlfriend since 2008 on right.

Chris Lane and his girl friend since 2008

Salon is the hypersensitive defender of all things it deems unjust because of racial discrimination.  Thus, it was the endless source of commentary on the ‘unjust’ initial failure to arrest George Zimmerman all the way to the ‘unjust’ final failure of a jury to find him guilty of something.

Salon has many similarly-minded supporters on OS.  However, to the credit of OS authors, few seem to be willing to comment on the racial aspects surrounding the recent death of Chris Lane.  This would make the children more intelligent than their parents, since the progenitor of OS seems unaware of a potential hypocrisy in trying to stifle discussion regarding the homicidal events in Duncan, Oklahoma.


Every retelling of how justice was subverted in the tragic case of Trayvon Martin’s death is marked by at least one significant consistency: there is never, ever, a mention of the attack by Trayvon upon George.  Why is this?

The answer is simple.  One cannot reasonably argue that Zimmerman killed Martin without cause while also mentioning the fact that Martin was beating the living daylights out of Zimmerman at the time this heartbreaking death occurred.

Of course, this is an intellectual dishonesty that is obvious even to the most casual observer.  Nevertheless, Salon is so comfortably ensconced among the emotional and the unthinking that it believes that it can continue to foist such deceit upon its weak minded readers.


Salon apparently cannot be shamed on this topic; and it hasrecently published an opinion by its political reporter decrying any comparison between the case in Sanford, Florida, in which a ‘white’ killed a ‘black’ and the case in Duncan, Oklahoma, where three ‘blacks’ are alleged to have killed a ‘white’.

Of course, this article does not mention a single word about the attack by Martin on Zimmerman.  No sir . . . . No way . . . . No how . . . .

The sarcastic question that this article begs is, “Who in their right mind would ever believe that when blacks kill a white comparisons could be made to a white killing a black?”

To be fair, what little credit this article is due stems from its recognition that the deaths of Chris Lane and Trayvon Martin are both “tragic” and “senseless”.

Wow. . . . Really?

Salon still betrays its racial investment in this discussion by pointing out that one of the three boys who has been accused of killing Chris Lane is probably white, and (apparently thereby) faces “lesser charges”.  It omits all reference to the facts alleged in the killing of Chris Lane, which are, in brief, that:

·      the boys chose Chris Lane, at random, as their target when they saw him jogging by the yard in which they were “playing”,

·      their primary motivation for killing someone whom they did not know, and with whom they had never interacted, was to indulge in the thrill “ . . . just for the fun of it . . .”

·      they, with obvious premeditation, retrieved the murder weapon, climbed into a car, drove to catch up with their victim, shot Chris Lane in the back, and immediately left the scene of the crime, and

·      prior to shooting Chris Lane, in what may have been a practice run, these three homicidal maniacs shot a mule.


You know, maybe Salon is correct.  There isn’t any comparison that can be drawn between the killing of Trayvon Martin and Chris Lane.

Nevertheless, Salon’s duplicity is astounding in trying to stifle an opposing viewpoint to the propaganda they so voluminously and vacuously published regarding their racial perspective on the George Zimmerman shooting and subsequent trial.  Further, what Salon fails, utterly, to understand is the concept of prosecutorial discretion, which should obviously have been maintained in the George Zimmerman case.

Race hustlers, whom Salon approved from the president on down, pressured the County in which Trayvon was killed to send a man to trial who did not pick the decedent at random, did not kill the decedent without a brutal interaction beforehand, did not premeditate the killing, and didn’t practice killing in advance of the homicide.  Those who think and believe as the Salon article suggests deserve what they are reaping from those who are now asking to whom the president will eventually compare himself among the accused principals in Duncan, Oklahoma.

If Salon wishes to comment substantively on the racial aspects of the killings in Sanford, Florida and Duncan, Oklahoma then it might consider two statistics from the national BJS crime report.  First, blacks comprise 13% of the American population while accounting for 53% of its homicidal perpetrators (table htus8008to1, cells D27 and E27).  Second, black victims of gun violence are the targets of black perpetrators 94% of the time.

There’s a racial component to gun violence in America, alright.  It’s just not what Salon believes, much less understands.


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